Sajak Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris

What is the meaning of wealth if I miss the love that cause I have not.
The Meaning of the magnificent palace, where there is no place for my soul for shelter and lean
For what surrounded the king's daughters, when I felt the love that has been imprisoned my heart, and has blinded my eyes over all its beauty.
Thou art lover who became the inspiration and the dream decorating my evening ... Aura wujudmu truly stunning, if the sun never rises, it is enough to replace your face its rays. When the moon is reluctant to come at night, kelembutanmu earth is enough to lay your beautiful lap.
You are the inspiration for me to pluck the strings of a guitar, build a beautiful love poem to the prayers of hope and grace.
Charm your face like a tornado vortex that can suck all embedded objects on earth. Suppose a young man could not look your face, then hear your name alone is enough to restore the lost passion ...

In every daydream I convince myself, a lover who kudamba can bring happiness in my heart smile, shed a sadness that is always looming, the light of life and solace for my soul.
Like the lover, the clear and lucid tears dripping longing for love that never come ...
And I saw there-when you go, beetles must accompany, as if to pick up the remains of charm, they are vying to attract the attention of the flowers, among them someone's trying to win the love in disguise there are also frank in "nudity". .. they want to try to captivate the interest nirvana.

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